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Our son has made us feel proud, but this wouldn’t have been possible without the guidance and proper teaching by Grover ma’am. We extend our heartfull gratitude to her.

Dr. J.M. Jain, Shubham Jain’s Parents

Shubham Nursing Home, Ganjpara, Durg

Usha wrote: “Hats off to Grover mam, who is constantly making effort to bring the potentials out of the students. Thanku children who really worked hard to reach the expectations of both teacher and parents. Best of luck to all of u.

Mr. Sylesh Nair and Mrs. Usha Nair, Sayash Nair’s Parents

Anchal ke prasidhh kaan,naak, gala surgeon Dr. Ratan Tiwari evum blood bank officer Dr. Manju Tiwari ne bataya ki Grovers Biology Coaching Classes anchal mein apne aap mein ek anutha coaching center hai jahan PMT mein safalta prapt karne hetu utkrishth basic biology ke saath saath uchch stariya vastu nishth prashna hal karvaye jaate hain..Shrimati Grover class ke sabhi bachchon se barabaii se prem purvakvyavahar ke saath saath vyaktigat roop se bhi pratiyogi parikshaayein hetu utsahit karti hain..Apne putra Abhiraj ke 2012 mein AIPMT mein chayan avum CGPMT mein 22nd rank pritapt karne ka shreya Grover coaching classes ko hi detein hain..Hamari hardik shubhkamnayein Grover Coaching classes ke saath..

Dr.Ratan Tiwari and Dr.Manju Tiwari, Abhiraj Tiwari’s Parents

ENT Specialist,Blood Bank Incharge Apollo BSR


In my opinion, Students are like wet mud and parents send them to potters (Teachers) who guide them (by their firm hands as potter ) to the desired shape by their experience properly & firmly. In my view for my daughter Aditi Ghosh , Grover Madam was the one, out of all three other subject guides ( i.e. Physics, Chemistry & Biology ) whose effort could drive her to the medical studies. I am very very grateful to her. The effort she executes for her students is incomparable. I wish she continues in the same way building the nation’s future generations.

Mr.Apurba Ghosh Aditi Ghosh’s Parents